Monday, October 13, 2008


Ben: Mom, how do you scratch when there are no mosquitoes?
Translation: What makes you itch besides mosquito bites?

Me: Well... sometimes something tickles you a little, and that itches.

Ben: You're kidding!
Translation: When Daddy tickles me, it doesn't itch.

Ben: What else?

Me: Um... poison ivy...

Ben: Like the play.
Translation: Like Daddy had the time that he had to stay home from a play we were all planning to go to.

Me: Right.

Ben: What else?

Me: Um... well... sometimes you're allergic to something, and that makes you itch.

Ben: Why does lergic scratch you?
Translation: What's allergic?

Me: Allergies are when... uh... your body doesn't like something. Something isn't good for your body -

Ben: Like cotton candy!

Me: Well, no, not unhealthy. Well, I guess it's unhealthy, but not like a food. I mean, you can be allergic to a food, but -

Ben: Let's play cars.
Translation: You suck at explaining things, Mom.

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